Archive for July, 2006 The Fedora legacy project has announced that they will discontinue errata updates starting in October. I have a few clients with servers still running 7.3 and 9. RHEL or CentOS is the currently the obvious choice to replace these old Red Hat installs. Red Hat will provide errata for RHEL4 until February 2010 and [...]

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Last year I migrated a large CVS repository over to Subversion. One of the issues I missed during the migration was that unlike CVS, Subversion did not automatically set new files to expand keywords such as $Id$ to the very useful string: $Id: 12234 2004-05-21 00:23:08Z derek $ I did some research into the [...]

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When creating or reconstructing a Linux software RAID there is a default reconstruction rate at which the RAID will be created. On RHEL the default max speed at which it will reconstruct the array is 10000 KB/sec. This setting can easily be adjusted for the impatient among us. echo -n 500000 > /proc/sys/dev/raid/speed_limit_max The above [...]

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Tags: This page briefly describes the sequence of events that happen when Mac OS X boots.

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